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Build a chatbot for your website

No coding or experience needed

Do you need a chatbot? Don't you have coding experience? Don't worry, we have the perfect product for you. With Logicalbot you can build a chatbot for your website in just 3 steps.
Step 1
Step 1
Select what to capture
Step 2
Step 2
Copy and paste
Step 3
Step 3
Earn new leads
Always up and running
Average visitor responses
Leads compared to forms
The perfect tool for your business

Features and other stuff

Before you make the intelligent decision of sing up, you may need more information about the chatbots, settings and other not so important stuff. Dont worry, we have a nice list of features for you. Take a look.

10x more leads

Only 1% of website visitors fill the contact form.

Save money

Logicalbot will work for you 24/7.


All our connections travel cyphered by SSL.


Our chat window style is highly customizable.


You can configure all the chatbots messages and responses.


Receive all your conversation that reached a goal by email. (*)


Because everybody loves to chat in their language.


See all chatbots conversations online.


You dont need to do backups, all your data is safe in the cloud.


Take smart decisions based on your visitors information.

Easy install

Just copy a paste one line in your code and you will be using Logicalbot.

Help your visitors

Guide your visitors and bring them support to make decisions.
(*) Available in some membership plans.
Do you want a preview?

See it, to believe it

We know that you believe in our word, but we understand the need to give a good test to our product, so complete the form to see instantly how Logicalbot would look like on your website.